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Dr Bob Kelso

Dr. Bob Kelso leitet das Sacred Heart Hospital. Er ist bei den Mitarbeitern nicht gerade beliebt, was ihn jedoch nicht sonderlich stört. Er stellt. Dr. Bob Kelso. likes. Hallo ich bin Dr. Bob Kelso und ich stehe auf Nutten. Bob Kelso, habe die Ehre. Nicolai Bitzen ja oder colonel doctor ;D von kfc hahahah Bob Kelso, habe die Ehre. hat ein neues Foto zu dem Album „scrubs“​.

Dr. Robert „Bob“ Kelso

Bob Kelso, habe die Ehre. Nicolai Bitzen ja oder colonel doctor ;D von kfc hahahah Bob Kelso, habe die Ehre. hat ein neues Foto zu dem Album „scrubs“​. Finde auf super-hosts.com: Was ist bloß aus ihnen geworden? In unserer Reihe "Damals & heute" nehmen wir uns in regelmäßigen Abständen Kultfilme oder. Ich muss dieses Videospiel knacken bevor Kim J.D.´s Bastard wirft! Es ist für zwei Spieler, also brauch ich noch einen Mitspieler dazu. Wer hilft mir?" -Kelso: "Ich.

Dr Bob Kelso Dr. Robert Kelso Video

Scrubs - It doesn't come easy

Dr. Robert "Bob Kelso" is the former Chief of Medicine of Sacred Heart on Scrubs and is played by Ken Jenkins. Although Dr. Kelso is generally portrayed as mean-spirited and heartless, he really. Dr. Kelso: I don't want to do this. Janitor: I will just give the video tape to the police. Dr. Kelso: Ladies and gentle, this is your chief of medical staff Bob Kelso, I feel compelled to tell. The entire staff waves good-bye to Kelso from the hospital's windows before he leaves. In later Naturpyrethrum he gradually becomes more compassionate, and after retirement, he remains in the other characters' lives as a grandfatherly figure. Past the Bleachers. March 29,

Dr Bob Kelso Tausenden von Menschen, sollten Sie sich um einen anderen Anbieter umsehen, werden die Dr Bob Kelso Eurogrand Erfahrung. - Weitere Charaktere aus "Scrubs"

Meint ihr hab hab ein paar Pfund zugelegt? Miss Parker, was sagen sie? Im Jahr war Kelso 65 Jahre und wurde deshalb in den Ruhestand geschickt. Cox : "Kommen sie auch, Chef? May 6, Views Read Edit View history. Kelso: Listen up, name-tags!! Jenkins was the voice of Blister on Harvey Beaks. Kelso often refers to his Spider Solitair Online wife Enid and his gay son Harrison, though neither have appeared Lottoland Gewinner the show. He has since gone back to insulting her as a doctor. Season 1. Janitor: Read it! Yes, this is really Bob Kelso! He is also a womanizer and has had many mistresses.
Dr Bob Kelso Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso, MD was the Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital from until he willingly retired. He was in medicine for many years, including during the Vietnam War, until he turned 65 and quit his job. He stayed in Coffee Bucks for the next year, enjoying free muffins. Dr. Robert "Bob" Kelso is the chief of medicine turned professor and the secondary antagonist in the TV series Scrubs. He was portrayed by Ken Jenkins. Dr. Bob Kelso was typically Scrubs' "bad" guy, but the Chief of Medicine had his sympathetic moments. Along with many were Kelso was the worst. By Rhys McGinley Jun 18, The characters of Scrubs help the show be one of the best sitcoms available to watch. Of all the characters in the popular s sitcom Scrubs, Dr. Robert Kelso was arguably the closest thing to an antagonist. Frequently butting heads with the rest of the cast, Kelso was initially portrayed as a heartless bully, unable to be reasoned with under any circumstances. Dr. Kelso often tells stories about his son's homosexuality and his dislike for his son. But when Dr. Cox makes a comment on Harrison, Bob gets very offended. (" My New Suit ") Harrison spent his 13th birthday camped out on 42nd street with Bob for "Ain't Misbehavin' " tickets.

Dr Bob Kelso sein. - Folge myZitate

Kelso und Cox diskutieren Mein hollywoodreifer Auftritt. Robert "Bob" Kelso, M.D., ist eine fiktive Figur, die Ken Jenkins im amerikanischen Comedy-Drama Scrubs spielt. Bob Kelso ist der Chef der Medizin für das Sacred Heart Hospital in den ersten sieben Staffeln von Scrubs, obwohl er in der Folge "My. Dr. Robert Kelso Geboren Frühling Beruf Chefarzt (pensioniert) Professor Arbeitgeber Winston. Ken Jenkins – Wikipedia. Dr. Bob Kelso leitet das Sacred Heart Hospital. Er ist bei den Mitarbeitern nicht gerade beliebt, was ihn jedoch nicht sonderlich stört. Er stellt.

Honestly, is there anyone else of such brilliant mind? So please join me basking in the glow of the Janitors awesome This isn't a word.

Janitor: Read it! Good night. I love that movie. Listen Reid, normally any damage to Dr. Cox's oversize ego would be cause for celebration.

And yet, for some reason I'm not wearing a party hat sitting bare-ass on the hospital's copier machine.

You know why? It's not because I have "Johnny" tattooed on my butt. He was an old navy buddy and if you went through what we did you'd understand It's because your little theory is way off.

Turk: Damn! That boy is going to town on that carrot. Kelso: You fellas want to go to a real donkey show?

It's really very tastefully done. I understand that one of the woman who entertains the donkeys used to be on Soap.

Kelso: Well, standing invitation every Thursday. Kelso: Well, I'll ask Mickhead. Hello Perry. Kelso: Hey, champ. There's some vomit on the back steps with your name on it.

Janitor: Well, that's my cue. On phone Mabel, this is Bob Kelso. Uh, what's say we juggle some things and see if we can't free-ride Mr.

Milligan financially for a while, okay? Yes, this is really Bob Kelso! Bob Kelso. Edit Delete. This was later lamented upon by the staff during Taylor Maddox 's tenure as Chief of Medicine, who implemented policies to crack down on these practices.

Kelso often does his best to hide his emotions from employees in regards to the decisions he has to make. He cultivates a reputation that instills fear among his subordinates through his verbal abuse and fearful demeanor in front of the medical students, interns and the rest of the staff.

Although primarily a source of amusement for him, it also appears to be a ploy to wean out the weak or incompetent.

With an uncanny ability to discern employee's emotional frailties, he can intimidate them into quitting before they make life threatening mistakes that could seriously harm patients or be a huge liability to the hospital.

Kelso with Baxter. Bob Kelso was married to his wife Enid Kelso for 44 years, who was a wheelchair-bound overweight paraplegic.

There was a rumor that once a year, on their anniversary, he and his wife slept together. The result was that a day afterward Dr.

Kelso is in a 'good mood', during which you can ask him for anything and you'll get it. Only Turk knows that this is just a ruse by Kelso to keep people from asking for things any other day of the year.

Enid was at a fat camp during this time. Kelso has a gay son, Harrison , who has been a source of torment to Kelso. He often cites his son's actions when commenting on others' problems.

Although he constantly complains about his son's action, he really does love him; this is shown when he punishes Dr. Cox for bad-mouthing him, even in passing.

Kelso, in a fantasy , seduces Elliot. Kelso had his hands full with Enid, but he also seemingly had a few other illegitimate families he keeps on the side.

He has had many mistresses, mainly prostitutes, and even a Vietnamese son, Trong Tri whom he is putting through school. The family member who receives most of Kelso's love was his dog, Baxter; an Australian shepherd who was aggressive towards his wife, Enid.

Both Baxter and Enid have passed away. Kelso leaves Sacred Heart on his last day. In , he turned 65 and was told that he had no choice but to retire.

After Elliot and Carla got Dr. Cox to convince the board to keep him, Kelso regardlessly decided to quit on his own terms. He grabbed his portrait, thanked Ted for his years of loyalty, and drove away from Sacred Heart.

However, it is revealed that he does not have enough money to travel as he wishes, and is content hanging around Coffee Bucks. Season 4.

March 1, April 11, Episode 4. January 10, February 5, March 7, March 29, Season 6. Episode 7. February 1, Season 7.

Episode 5. November 29, Episode 9. April 4, Season 8. February 3, May 6, March 27, March 15,



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